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IGN: IpkYouDrop
By IpkYouDrop » over 2 years ago
Hello friends,

We have come to a crossroads with Towny and our Grief Prevention plugin. Our problem is that these two plugins cannot work well together, it is already causing many issues. As such we have agreed to remove Grief Prevention and shift our focus into being a Towny server. This shift will be gradual, we will give players until March 1st 00:00 GMT+0 to adopt our changes.

We realize this may upset some people and have made the following changes to make the early game easier for new players,

     • Towns that do not belong to nations will not be raidable.

     • Towns now cost just $2500 in-game currency to create.

     • Claimblocks can no longer be bought in-game.

     • Already purchased Claimblocks can be sold for 60% of their purchase price ($60/per block) in-game using /sellclaimblocks

We will need to adopt some of our current rules to better accomodate this change and will do so as problems arise and rules are suggested. As always if you have any questions please contact our staff in-game or via discord. If you have any suggestions please post them on our forums under the correct section.

Thank you for reading,
LOM Staff