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By Abbas » over 2 years ago


Player shops are available now near spawn. you can rent your shop and add your friends to your shop too. renting a shop is easy, just go top a shopa nd right click the sign. here is how renting works. Shop prices can vary but still have same period


Period limitation:

shop is rented per day and you can extend 1 day at once up to 3 days in advance but you can't keep doing this for ever. you have maximum of 7 days.  Then You have to wait for it to be unrented and rent it again if it is availabe.
note: all your items inside the shop will be accessiable for everyone when your rental expire. so make sure you rerent your shop or take out your items.

but why?
This system allows everyone to have a chance to rent a shop and prevent people from renting the shop forever.


now after you rent your shop you will need to create chestshops where you do:
/shop create amount-per-purchance buy-price-for-amount  sell-price-for-amount
so lets say you want to sell 1 diamond for 500$ then
/shop create 1 500 0
if you want to buy it only from people for like 200$ each then
/shop create 1 0 200 
and if you want to buy it and sell it then
/shop create 2 500 200
NOTE: use a stick and right click on chests to get full details of every chest and its items



you can add your friends who you trust as they will have FULL access to your shop,chest and even blocks and can add their own chestshops too
/as addfriend playername yourshopname <--- adds a friend
/as delfirend playername yourshopname <--- removes a friend
note: all shops are like shop1 shop2 ...shop34


member can put up to 5 chestshops
Elder can put up to 8 chestshops
Veteran can put up to 10 chestshops
Nolife can put up to 15 chestshops
Pro can put up to 10 chestshops
Donor can put up to 15 chestshops
VIP can put up to 20 chestshops

what if your Nolife Pro? you get 15 chestshops so the higher rank apply