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IGN: XQTGrimReaper
By XQTGrimReaper » over 2 years ago
i hv been banned for 7d for mass griefing
first of all the town chunks in my town backs to me its my town im the mayor i can change everything on the town cause its my town and midnight before joining my town she didnt earn my trust and leaved her house and been offline so i want to change my town i got the other players permission to burn everything they said yes u can and im not going to wait for the long offline players to take there perm and before lady took the house the plot on the house its was mine im the one who paid for it and i got in the end grifeing my own chunk and plot by DeeJayAh 
before dj joins ipk was solving the proplem and he know what he had to do then dee joined the game and saw the chat of griefing and banned me without even talking about it i request a unbanappeal now !


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IGN: DeeJayAh
By DeeJayAh » over 2 years ago
I assure you, whenever I take an action against another player, I have every sides of the argument beforehand. You kicked every member of your town and then decided to burn and blow up 10 of the houses. Even though these plots belonged to you at the time, the plots previously belonged to the kicked players; in addition, every building you destroyed had been built by and was lived in by other players - conclusively, this is griefing. You may have paid for the plots, but you had sold them to other players. 

We heavily discourage this type of behaviour on LoM and I'm ashamed that you took this path :(
Your account ban and IP ban will stay intact for 7days

- DJ