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IGN: Thetroller_
By Thetroller_ » over 2 years ago
Ingame name: TheTroller_

Date of offence: before 2 days i think so

Staff member who applied punishment (if unknown, state so): Deejayah

What were you punished for? Be as detailed as possible: X-ray
Why do you think you should be unbanned/unmuted?: I thought that ip ban only for pc? i didnt know that i got banned, anyways i am ok with it since i used before, hope you give me a chance


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IGN: DeeJayAh
By DeeJayAh » over 2 years ago
Both you and the other player on your IP have been found on multiple occasions to be using X-Ray. Since it's such a clear abuse of a cheat, I can not lift the ban; x-ray causes inflation which in turn messes up our whole economy. Consequently, you've been IP-Banned and banned separately on alternate accounts.